Thickness Gauging & Testing

Fast, accurate & repeatable readings

Robust, ergonomic design; inspect all day, everyday

Can be used in accordance with ASTM D6132, SSPC PA9 & ISO 2808

Generate instant field reports for immediate submission

What we include:

ElcoMeter is a fast, easy to use solution for all your management and quality testing needs, preparing professional inspection reports at the click of a button. Data readings includes:

  • Date and time stamped readings
  • Statistical and Limit values
  • Readings above high limit
  • Run charts & histograms
  • Batch and gauge information
  • Calibration information of pre-programmed materials.
  • Store live readings directly to a mobile device and save them into batches
  • View graphs in real-time whilst carrying out the inspections.
  • Add photographs of the test surface to each individual reading.
  • Plot individual readings on to a location map, photograph or diagram via GPS
  • Inspection data can be transferred from mobile to PC for further analysis and reporting
  • Generate instant .pdf2 report for submission

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