Adhesion Testing & Coating Testing

Ensuring that the bond of a waterproofing membrane to a substrate plays a vital role in a waterproofing application’s overall performance and integrity.

What can we do?

Adhesion testing is a ‘destructive’ test that uses pull-off dollies and hydraulic gauges to discern the bond strength of a waterproof membrane to a substrate. Using our state-of-the-art adhesion tester we can get ahead of any years in your waterproofing membrane from lack of adhesion to prevent the possibility of leaks into the internal structure of your property.

Importance of Adhesion Testing

As with standard waterproofing, a membrane is applied between the foundations of a building and should typically last for ten years. Unfortunately, waterproofing isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Membranes that aren’t fully bonded to their substrate will exhibit signs of reduced performance. An exposed membrane de-laminated from a substrate is more easily cut or torn when sufficient force is supplied.

Efficiently waterproofing your commercial property is extremely important. Without adequate waterproofing, it can result in water intrusion in critical areas including the structural foundations and basements. This is where comprehensive adhesion testing can play a critical role in construction.

How does it work? Using pull-off dollies and hydraulic gauges to test  the bond strength of a waterproof membrane to its substrate.and provide readings on the adhesion strength of each individual layer and its substrate. It is applied onto the membrane to make it strongly adhere to the substrate to prevent membrane failure allowing water ingression into the underlying areas. There are several ways that a waterproof membrane can fail in performance.

Firstly, the wrong preparation and application can result in possible debonding, which results in the waterproofing membrane losing its adhesion and performance ultimately allowing water to penetrate the structure and causing damage down the line.

Poor preparation can also affect waterproofing applications. A substrate needs to have a surface without contaminating substances like oils or dirt and moisture for the adhesive to stick firmly to a substrate.

As a result, it’s imperative to look into a renowned leak detection company that offers reliable adhesion testing to minimise the chances of early structural degradation, and unnecessary repair costs.

At Detec NSW, our experienced team is committed to helping you assess the integrity and adhesion of your waterproofing membrane to ensure they can adequately prevent moisture infiltration and damage to your residential and commercial property. If you require adhesion testing on your project, don’t hesitate to contact our experienced team.

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Detec Australia provide smart building technologies and services to help maintain high-performance structures free of hidden moisture intrusion damages

Importance of Adhesion Testing

Exclusive to Detec NSW, the Automatic Pull-Off Adhesion Gauge accurately measures the strength of the bond between the coatings and the substrate, and features an automatic hydraulic pump to ensure smooth and continuous pressure application for consistent, repeatable results. 

The major components of a pull-off adhesion tester are a pressure source, a pressure gage and an actuator. During operation, the flat face of the dolly is adhered to the membrane coating to be evaluated. After allowing the bonding adhesive to cure, the actuator is then attached to the dolly. Pressure is then activated and slowly increased in intervals to the actuator of the system. When the pressure becomes larger than the bond strength between the coating and the substrate, separation occurs with the dolly assembly lifting the coating away from the substrate. The maximum pressure indicator of our adhesion gauge will provide users with a direct reading of the pressure at when pull-off occurs.

The Adhesion Tester is ideal for laboratory and field applications, and can withstand harsh environments. Don’t hesitate to contact our experienced team for more information about our available adhesion testers.

*Our waterproofing integrity technicians use calibrated hydraulic pumps on waterproof coatings in accordance with ASTM D7234 – 12. We also use the Standard Test Method for Pull-Off Adhesion Strength of Coatings on Concrete with Detec NSW’s very own Portable Pull-Off Adhesion Testers in accordance with AUstralian industry standards.

Why Choose Detec NSW?

With over 30 years of experience under our belt, Detec NSW has provided clients material and adhesion testing and preventative leak detection measures to many satisfied clients.

As an industry leader, we can provide you the accuracy, quality service and precision in our adhesion test results to ensure that the materials you utilise for your projects successfully fulfill their function by adhering to their substrate, no matter the environmental conditions they are exposed to.

Due to our expertise and years of experience, we have earned the certifications and accreditations that qualify us to take on a variety of non-invasive leak detection and state-of-the-art thickness testing for both residential and commercial properties.

We pride ourselves on our continual pursuit towards excellence and the improvement of your property. We are the only company that can test ALL types of membranes and test on all surfaces, walls, floors and roofs included. The moment we complete a job, our team provides a detailed report of all areas scanned and tested and any breaches found so we can better ahead of any possible water ingression. As your next qualified and experienced waterproofer, we also promise transparent advisory waterproofing consultation services to all clients.